Friday, November 4, 2011

My Little Man

If anyone ever needed proof that being an uncle can be one of the great joys of a man's life, they need  only read the following conversation.

It took place over text messages between me and my 8 year-old nephew Jack, who had swiped his mother(my sister, Jennifer)'s cell phone out of her purse while they were watching my niece's basketball practice....

Hello this is captain Jack I am at Haleys basketball practice

Um, Jen?  You can just let him call me, you know.  

......(blank text)

NO!  Uncle

Wait, this really IS my Jack?  Hi Buddy!  How are you?  Did you buy a phone?

No Im a kid!  Yes it is me guess who I get to be in our program?

Your program for school?  I'm excited - who do you get to be?

Abroham Lincon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

*yes, I counted out the exclamation points.

Abraham Lincoln?!!  Are you going to grow a big beard?

......(blank text)

NO!  Uncle. Mrs. Polsel has a costume for me but it is a bit stinky

You're stinky!  Ok, that's good - you're too young for a beard.  And they're itchy.

Your itchy

*(yes, my nephew is that cool)

Haha, yes I am.  When is your program?

Mommy says Novumber 10 and that she needs her phone back

Well you tell her I'm not done talking to you yet!

I told her and she made a face

Yeah, I know that face.  Well, I won't be home in time to go to your program, but make sure Mommy and Daddy take a lot of pictures for me?

Ok.Iwill make sure they do it.Now I have to go take a bath. By.

Bye Buddy, Love You!

Being an uncle has completely changed the concept of 'pride' for me.  I used to care about people finding it in me.  Instead, I am filled to the brim with it, every moment I spend with my Little Man.

Especially when I saw his Halloween costume.  

He will be admired throughout his life, of that I have no doubt.


*uncorked said...

I would probably leave you for him. Jack is the best.

*uncorked said...

If he was older, of course. I'm not a creepster.

Laurnie said...

When did he get so big!

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