Tuesday, November 1, 2011


One year ago today, I made great decision.  A mature, responsible decision that could only improve my life in almost every way.

I smoked my last cigarette.  

I previously posted about my quitting, and the troubles I had with it HERE.  I quit cold-turkey, and have not had a single puff since Halloween night, 2010.  It has been difficult, but I have a great support system, and I love the way that I feel.

Having said that, maturity and responsibility are somewhat of a rarity in my life.  So yes, by posting this, I am totally fishing for compliments.

You may begin.

**Blogger's Note - To my lovely V, thank you for being so proud of me.  You keep me strong.


*uncorked said...

So so so so proud of you!!!!!

Q said...


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