Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best. Post. Ever.

So I am off to Chicago tomorrow to see my Lady.  Really excited about it, as I only see her once a month.

But while engaging her this past week in a little bit of blogger back-and-forth (HERE), I was informed that the chances of me getting laid this weekend would increase exponentially if I were to post before the weekend.

So I just wanted to say.......Howdy.  See ya next week.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Reason # 472 That Life Was Better When I Was A Kid

25 Years Ago at the Box Office:
  • Stand By Me was the number one movie.  And River Phoenix was still alive.
  • Top Gun was #2.  In its 17th week in release.
  • The Fly was #3.  Geena Davis was still the largest woman in Hollywood.
  • Karate Kid 2 was #4.  Peter Cetera was a man...who would fight....for your honor....
  • Oh, and at #5?  Just a little flick called Aliens.  "GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BITCH"
This past weekend, Shark Night 3D, Spy Kids 4, and The Smurfs were all in the Top Ten.  

I fucking hate the present.
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