Friday, July 29, 2011


Remember these???

SMOKE (1995)
Starring:  Harvey Keitel, William Hurt, and Harold Perrineau, Jr. (Michael from LOST!)
Directed By:  Wayne Wang
Running Time:  112 minutes

Why?:  Two Reasons

1.)  It is made up of so many honest, personal moments.  Harvey Keitel's Auggie explaining how he takes black & white pictures of 'his' little street corner in Brooklyn, every day.  Forrest Whitaker explaining why God took his arm away for being a bad man.  Cigar store patrons debating the finer points of why baseball was better back in the day, or the experience of smoking their first cigarette.  Sound boring?  WATCH IT.

2.)  The movie centers around a cigar shop and it's patrons.  And every one of them smokes in a different way.  Love that little detail.  And it's a love poem to Brooklyn.  And the soundtrack rocks (Jerry Garcia Band, baby)

Check the trailer:

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