Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As Good As It Gets

Sorry for the black out, people.  I was on vacation.  

You see, my mother likes to save up for two years, and then rent out a different house in this little community in Virginia Beach for a week.  It's becoming a tradition.

This year?  19 of us, in a house that holds 22.  Right on the sand - with two pools, two hottubs, and a tiki bar.  My immediate family, my sister's in-laws, some aunts and uncles.  Oh yeah - and one incredibly brave girlfriend.

Could've been a recipe for disaster.  But honestly, I came away with only one question.

What is bliss?

Is it a pimped out summer house?

A big whiskey on the patio

Endless photo opportunities

Realizing what a polite young lady she's becoming

Or what a little gentleman he's always been

Or that he very well could be President some day...

Maybe bliss means realizing that I am the biggest kid of all?

Or remembering how much I miss thunderstorms

Or what it's like to get up early and take pictures of a sunrise

Or dance the hula while drinking out of a plastic pineapple

Or spend quality time with the two people who made me who I am today

Or cherish the minutes with the one who makes me want to be a better man tomorrow

Shit - that's a lot of ponderous answers to one simple question.  

What does it mean to you guys?  I would love to hear your thoughts.


*uncorked said...

Such a great post.

Family, friends, good wine, waves, salty air, porch swings, and making out on the beach.

That's bliss.

Laurnie said...

This brought a tear to my eye. Skadoosh is getting WAY too big

You're Embracing Melody said...

It's endless ocean, sand in ass cracks, and the time just after sunset but before total darkness when the sky is an amazing shade of blue-black.

Oh, and that house looks ridiculously familiar.

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