Tuesday, February 1, 2011

California Dreamin.....

I moved here to sunny southern California 10 years ago from Indiana.  Everyone in Indiana has questioned that decision - my parents, my sister, my friends, my doctor....let's see who's right.

1.)  Let's see.  My old home?  It's right under that big red 'L' on the right.  

--My new one?  It's the one currently chilling in a nice shade of grey waaaaaaay over on the left.  Grey is awesome when it comes to being on a weather map.

2.)  My girl lives in Chicago.  Tonight she saw two cross country skiers heading down Lawrence Avenue on the North side.  That is, until they got taken out by the wind.

--When I came back from the store a little bit ago, I saw a couple heading back to the apartment across from mine after getting out of one of our complex's hot tubs.  (To be fair, the girl did have a t-shirt on over her bikini top - it is a bit chilly).

3.)  My sister's father-in-law (who is actually an awesome guy) took a bad spill on the ice in the driveway this morning, broke his head open, and needed stitches while nursing a concussion.

--While at the office today, I got lemon juice right in my hangnail.  It smarted.

Ok, let me tally up the score....carry the two...

Yup, I've got it at:  Drew/Southern Cali - 3, Midwest - 0.  

Tell the Groundhog he can suck it.


*uncorked said...

Snow day off of work + thundersnowlighteningwindstorm sex = Midwest FOR THE WIN.

Lola Lakely said...

Midwest has the BEST college football team ever. And V's there. Which automatically makes those two things win at life.

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