Friday, June 25, 2010

My Personal Plea to the People of the United States of America

This is me on me knees begging, people.  Watch the video above.  I need your help.  Team USA needs your help!

I know all the arguments:

"Soccer is too slow..."
"There's not enough action...."
"Why would I watch something that will just end in a tie?"
"They fall too much and fake being hurt.  I hate that..."

I don't want to hear it anymore.  I. Don't. Care.  Whether you like it or not, this is the biggest sporting event in the world.  It is the biggest fucking SPORT in the world.  Football, baseball, basketball, MMA - nothing even comes close to comparing to it's global popularity.  You think LeBron is a big star?  Google Cristiano Ronaldo.  Michael Jordan?  On his best day, doesn't even come close to matching the worldwide phenomenon of David Beckham.  I know that we, as Americans, have chosen to deal with the game of futbol in a mature and adult manner - we basically close our eyes, put our fingers in our ears and yell, "LALALALALALALALALALALA!"

But not all of us, as you may have noticed in the video above.  Some of us eat, drink, and breathe the sport.  Some of us have played it since we were too little to even kick.  Some of us worked our asses off to become the best we could at it - bled for it, cried for it, sacrificed our bodies for it.

To those people, this tournament means more than the World Series, more than the Olympics, even more than the friggin' Superbowl (calm down, I'm not a communist - it is a close number two).  To us, this is the end-all-be-all of athletic competition.

But here is the thing - I don't expect you to be like that.  Hell, I don't even care if you watch another soccer match for the next four years!  90% of the people in that video?  I am betting that they can't tell you the difference between a corner kick and a goal kick.  I'm betting that they can't name one player on the team other than Landon Donovan (a name they only learned in the 91st minute of the Algeria game).  But they are out there, cheering like mad - not for their soccer team, but for THEIR COUNTRY.

So help me people!  Go out to a bar, wear some red white and blue, and for two hours of your life, allow yourself to feel the passion that is out there for this game.  The United States has a chance to accomplish something they never have before.  The semifinals are not impossible.  If this sport is ever to grow out of the shadow of American apathy, it needs you to start paying attention!  I will be there, in my jersey, chanting for Jose, Landon, Clint, Tim, Carlos, and the rest of the boys.

Sing it with me now:


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! Thank you sooooo sooooo much for posting this because people dont understand how BIG soccer is!!!!! To begin it has roughly 3 billion fans worldwide. I have a huge heart for USA right now they have been playing with heart and passion in this WC and to be honest almost got teary eyed when they made it to rounds of 16 :) lols but until Brasil is knocked out they'll be my number one choice :D

*uncorked said...

Would you hate me if I said I only know Cristiano Ronaldo because he was in a hot shirtless ad plastered all over Toronto? If so, then I know him from this awesome game you describe above.

The video is awesome, and while I've never really been into soccer, I do love the atmosphere and frequent a bar for games with a good friend of mine. USA!

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