Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Hate Goodbyes

I have moved around so much in my life, from town to town, state to state.  And despite some of the great situations I found myself in, I have always struggled to find somewhere that felt like home.  A place that matched my personality, made me feel safe, and jazzed with my way of life and my perspective at that particular age.  That is, until five years ago.

I would like to introduce you to the Hotel Pequito.  This is the house that I am moving out of for good this weekend.  For those of you who speak Spanish, that moniker is not a personal reflection.  I actually live on a street called 'Pequito Drive'.  And the house is known in my social circle (and even outside my circle) as a hotel because, well, we have not locked our doors in over five years. It has served as a beacon in a drunken haze - where people of all shapes, sizes, and maturity levels stumble through its open doors at any time of night or day, pick a spot on the floor or in a bed next to one of the residents, and pass the fuck out.   People don't knock when they arrive.  They barge in with a bottle in hand and scream, "Where you at, bitches?"  There's not a lot of personal privacy, no chance of walking around in your undies.

But it was also the house where most of the parties/cookouts/football Sundays took place.  Now don't get me wrong, I love to entertain - but I have decided that I have reached that point in my life where I have earned the right to pick and choose when I go out and what parties to hit; instead of always being expected to provide the festivities.  Hence my move to my new, solo apartment.

And oh yeah, the Hotel had one other perk:

The view from the balcony.  This is my happy place, where I can sit, chill, and find my power animal (he's a platypus, by the way.  His name is Ernie.  He likes Triscuits).  I am going to miss this most of all.  This is where I would write.  This is where I would chill to my iPod and enjoy a quiet cigarette and a whiskey.  Where I would get into fantastic debates with my friends over politics, religion, sports, etc.  And where finally, after years of searching, I felt at home.

So many of my adult life memories took place at the Hotel:  Lifelong friendships were forged - and broken.  Art was inspired.  Babies were conceived.  A communal family made up of vastly different ethnic backgrounds, personalities, and values grew out of a never ending barrage of booze, music and spirit.  I will truly cherish each and every one of you as I continue to head down my personal path in life.  You all know who you are.

But many of you reading do not - so I will let a series of images introduce you to the joint, and to my Hotel family.  To all of you who have made the last half decade such a wonderful Clusterfuck, I thank you. 

Christmas Time at the Hotel

Just a block or two from the house....

My beautiful Moni

Nater-Tot, the amazing Laurnie Dubs, and Yours Truly

Halloween - always the biggest party of the year

How I spent most Sunday mornings

Flip Cup, a Hotel favorite

Brian and Katie

THE Bud Sant, Jr., L. Brock, and Pounder

Chris Cooke, a.k.a Cookie, a.k.a. Muffin

My best friend and brother Jason, Laurnie Red Riding Hood, and Steve Irwin, back from the dead....

Rissa, my BTHA (Big-Tittied Half Asian)

Dr. Wright, Unlicensed Gyno

Chris, Tatum, and T.J., fondling each other

Just letting you know you are Number One in my eyes

Sheila, Shannon, and Feather


My two favorite ladies...hands off boys, they are spoken for.

Kim Chuckles, Jonathan, and Hot Morgan

Cookie, PEANUT!, and Joe

The future Mrs. Nater-Tot, Brittany, being fabulous as always

Toga, bitches

Greg the Giant, Mr. Laurnie Dubs, Gay Pat, and Tiffany

The Obama-toga

Two of the greatest people I have ever met.  See, look how happy I am!

Big Mike

Crys, and her wonderful tush...

My Bubbas - my godson Connor - at his first party, the Luau.

Uncle Nate

I pay my respects to the late Patrick Swayze, with my little monkey

Goodbye, Hotel Pequito.  I will miss the life you allowed me to live.

For another perspective of the Hotel Pequito, go over to Laurnie Dubs (my BFF and former roommate) at Some Whine with Cheese


Stacie's Madness said...

looks like a lot of fun was had...time to pass it on to some new owners...hope they enjoy it as much as you have.

bmills said...

Gonna miss that place, Drew. Pouring an entire 40oz out to da Hotel!

*uncorked said...

Is it possible to be jealous of a house? Because I am. Looks like so much fun! But being on your own is fun too. Halloween is the best - I ordered my costume for 2010 back in December and put it on the other day and got really excited.

Lori E said...

I so wish you were my neighbour (Canadian spelling, I know!!) yet I am so glad you were not.
Some places just draw people like a magnet but I think it is the people and not the place.

Anonymous said...

you‘re so smart!............................................................

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

Power animal? I'll have to get me one of those...

Looks like there was much fun to be had. Best of luck in your new digs.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

RochelleP_Higginson瓊文 said...
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Anonymous said...
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