Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Favorite, shit....15 Songs of the '00's

I am no music expert.  In fact, besides the Recorder I used to rock in 4th Grade (I played a mean 'Hot Cross Buns'), I have never picked up an instrument.  But I am constantly moved by music.  All types, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Hip-hop, Classical, Punk, etc.  Well, except Country.  Nope, I take that back, I dig Lyle Lovett for some odd reason.

I don't know why certain songs hit me.  It's just a feeling I get; an instant sort of reaction.  Like when I'm at a party and the plain girl talking to me isn't really my type, or particularly interesting for that matter.  But for some reason, my Spidey Sense tells me that she's crazy in the sack.  I mean like Cybil Shephard-crazy.

Anyway, I'm getting off track.  If I get any one of you to add one of these to a playlist, then we both win.  My Top 15 songs from 2000 to 2009:

1.)  Mark Broussard - "Home"
2.)  Mos Def - "Quiet Dog"
3.)  Ray LaMontagne - "Trouble"
4.)  Kanye West - "Jesus Walks"
5.)  Fink - "Sort of Revolution"
6.)  John Legend - "Alright"
7.)  Jump Little Children - "Close Your Eyes"
8.)  Rise Against - "Swing Life Away"
9.)  David Gray - "Sail Away"
10.)  Damien Rice - "Delicate"
11.)  Glen Haarsgard & Marketa Irglova - "Falling Slowly"
12.)  Griffin House - "Waste Another Day"
13.)  Rival Sons - "Tell Me Something"
14.)  Pearl Jam - "Army Reserve"
15.)  Kings of Leon - "Closer"

And please, hit me with your faves. My iTunes always needs feeding.


*uncorked said...

That's a great list. I love Damien Rice and David Gray. I keep going back to old songs I used to love. I have been in a ridiculous Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews phase lately. Not sure why. Guess maybe I'm just feeling old.

Also, no idea why you can't follow me. There should be a box on the right side of my blog under the "My Faves" links I have up.

Stacie's Madness said...

I love "Trouble"...and I am going to check out more of Marc Broussard, that's a voice I can dig.

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